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1. What does ASRV mean?
ASRV is an acronym for Automated Storage and Retrieval Vehicle, the innovative distributed automation technology developed by Smoov.  It is based on the combined action of one or more intelligent vehicles, designed for pallet storage and handling.  Their operation and performance is optimized by a dedicated software package and by a wireless communication system which ensures general operation.      

2. What type of load can be handled using ASRV technology?
The ASRV currently handle palletized Unit Load Devices (ULDs) (euro pallet 800x1200; 1000x1200; 1200x1200).

3. How is a drive-in solution different to an automatic warehouse?
The drive-in solution differs from the automatic warehouse due to the lack of lift(s) for vertical handling.  In cases where they are not necessary, a forklift truck carries out the in/out operations.

4. Is it possible to take a pallet out of a warehouse on a level with no ASRV?  If yes, how is that possible?
Yes, this is always possible.  The warehouse is normally equipped with automatic lifts for the vertical movement of ASRVs or pallets and movement of the units between levels is coordinated by Smoov Brain according to the missions in programme.  In drive-in solutions, however, a forklift truck is always used to move ASRVs between levels.

5. How is the number of units to handle determined?
The automation requirements are indicated by factors such as the size of the warehouse in relation to the length of the paths which need to be covered, the turnover of stock and the maximum number of ULDs.  All together these factors determine the average number of operations required per unit of time.    

6. Can a pre-existing static warehouse be automated using Smoov?
Following an appropriate technical survey, it is possible to achieve this by redesigning the layout and re-utilizing the vertical elements of the racking, sometimes even the horizontal elements can be re-used.    

7. I’m interested in checking to see if ASRV technology can be used in my warehouse.  Who should I contact?
Our Smoov Solution Partners are licensed companies which possess the appropriate know-how and expertise to design and install a complete warehouse solution.  Please see our current list of Solution Partners by clicking here >  

8. What happens if my automation requirements change or evolve over time?
ASRV technology is the only technology which can be quickly adapted to any possible expansion in handling requirements.  The ASRV vehicles use plug&play technology and are designed for simple, fast insertion into the warehouse.  This unique characteristic enables Smoov ASRV to offer the Smoov On Demand service, where one or more ASRV vehicles can be hired to support those already in use in exceptional temporary or seasonal circumstances.
The service can be requested from the Solution Partner who makes a booking with Smoov ASRV in order to provide it to the customer.

9. What happens if an ASRV breaks down?
An out of order ASRV does not cause the whole system to shutdown.  Smoov Brain immediately moves into action to isolate the area around the stopped ASRV and ensure continuity of operations in the remaining areas of the warehouse.  Smoov Brain also notifies the operator of the problem and when the operations in progress have been completed, it allows the stopped ASRV to be reset using the safety remote control.  

10. Who should I contact about breakdowns or to request assistance?  
The Solution Partner is the main contact point for end customers with regard to maintenance activities.  His expertise, combined with the appropriate training and support provided by Smoov, ensures that any problems are always identified and resolved in the shortest possible time.   
If there should be any technical requirements which the Solution Partner is unable to carry out, Smoov Technical Service can intervene directly.  

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